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Research Opportunities in the Blythe Lab

As a growing biological research laboratory, we are currently looking to hire additional scientists. Below is a list of open positions. If you are interested in research that uses quantitative imaging, genomics, genetics, and embryology -- or if you are interested in chromatin, transcription, or the embryonic development of Drosophila-- we encourage you to apply.

Fall 2022 - Ongoing


The Blythe Lab has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher interested in applying quantitative imaging and time-resolved genomic approaches to the understanding of pioneer factor function in early development. Positions are NIH funded and are available immediately. Qualified applicants are encouraged to send a cover letter and CV to shelby.blythe [at]

2022-23 Academic year


The Blythe Lab will be accepting lab rotation students during all three quarters of the '22-'23 academic year to ultimately fill one available position. Rotations will be in-person, hands-on, and mentored either by Dr. Blythe or a current lab member. Please contact Shelby Blythe for additional information, and feel free to stop by the lab and/or e-mail lab members to find out more about what's going on. Projects related to all aspects of the lab's interests are available, and generally include both wet and dry lab components. Familiarity with either R or Matlab is a plus. However, it is unlikely that 'entirely computational' projects are ever available.

2022-23 Academic year


The Blythe Lab is accepting applications for undergraduate volunteer research positions. Undergraduate volunteers in the Blythe Lab are given independent research projects related to the projects of current lab members, who will serve as mentors for the projects. As such, these represent a significant time commitment. Interested and qualified applicants should forward a cover letter and CV to shelby.blythe [at]

Fall 2022


The Blythe Lab is accepting applications for Lab Tech positions. Techs in the lab will have the opportunity to work on independent research projects, in addition to preparing Drosophila media and managing the lab's stock collection. Applicants looking for a 1-2 year tech job between undergrad and grad/med school, or those looking for a more long-term position are equally valued and encouraged to apply. All applications for this position should be submitted through the Northwestern HR site (link to official job posting).

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